Hello, I'm Ashish.

Passionate product manager based in Berlin with more than 5 years of experience in developing SAAS products.

Companies I have worked for

My achievements so far ...

Working in multi-national companies and startups for past 5 years, I had quite a journey of ups and downs. Following are some of the moments I am proud of : 

Released Internal SAAS Platform

Global Fashion Group

I lead the development of the SAAS platform to configure search and recommendations in E-Commerce shops. This enabled stakeholders to customise ranking of products and perform better experimentation and optimisation.

Released Campaign Re Ranking Feature

Global Fashion Group

We developed  campaign re ranking feature to enable the Merchandising and campaign team to re rank the products in the campaign pages.

Created Data Visualisation Dashboard

Better Decision Group

Working with the Business Consultancy company, I was responsible for creating visualisation dashboard from given dataset using charts APIs

Built SAAS Startup

My Product Planner

I released my own SAAS platform for OKR Management. Currently the product is free to use and not commercialised due to my visa restrictions.

Stock data mining project


As an investor, I need financial data from the companies. For this purpose I created a data mining project using free apis available online to mine financial data about top 400 US companies by market cap.

2.5X Revenue strategy


At Orevo, I created a new go to market strategy for the startup to target transport industry resulting in 2.5 times increase in the revenue.